You have a lot of investment options (such as stocks, bonds, ETFs) to choose from in Singapore. One such common investment for Singaporeans is mutual funds (unit trust). Mutual funds are nothing but pooling of funds from various investors and diversifying them in investment vehicles. Investing in mutual funds in Singapore is like buying a share of goldmine holdings. Different mutual funds have different investment profiles and as an investor. You may find it challenging to choose the right mutual fund for your portfolio.

8 Best Mutual Fund Options in Singapore
8 Best Mutual Fund Options in Singapore

If you are a risk-averse investor, then mutual funds are safer investment options. So, here are some of the best mutual funds for 2019 to help you add value to your portfolio.

1.   Fidelity Global Health Care Class A

The Fund aims to provide investors with long-term capital growth, principally through investment in the equity securities of companies throughout the world which are involved in the design, manufacturing, or sales of products and services used for or in connection with health care, medicine or biotechnology.

At least 70% invested in the shares of companies throughout the world that are involved in the design, manufacturing, or sale of products and services used in health care, medicine, or biotechnology. It has the freedom to invest outside the fund’s principal geographies, market sectors, industries, or asset classes. You may invest in assets directly or achieve exposure indirectly through other eligible means, including derivatives. It can use derivatives with the aim of risk or cost reduction or to generate additional capital or income, including for investment purposes, in line with the fund’s risk profile. Therefore, the fund has discretion in its choices of investments within its objectives and policies.

2.   United Asia Pacific Real Estate Income Dis SGD

The investment objective of the Fund is to seek total return consisting of income and capital appreciation over the medium to long term by investing primarily in Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) listed in the Asia Pacific region (including Japan, Australia, and New Zealand).

3.   Franklin Global Convertible Securities A (ACC) USD

The Fund seeks to maximize total return, consistent with prudent investment management, by seeking to optimize capital appreciation and current income under varying market conditions. The Fund invests primarily in convertible securities (including low-rated, non- investment grade securities and securities in default) of corporate issuers globally. In fact, the Fund may also invest in other securities, such as common or preferred stocks and non-convertible debt securities. (including low-rated, non- investment grade securities and securities in default).

4.   Fullerton Lux Asian Equities A SGD ACC

The fund’s objective is to achieve competitive risk-adjusted returns on a relative basis. The investment manager seeks to achieve the objective of the Fund by investing primarily in equities, index futures, cash, and cash equivalents. The investment universe will include equities listed on exchanges in Asia, as well as the equities of companies or institutions which have operations in, exposure to, or derive part of their revenue from Asia, wherever they may be listed. The Investment Manager may also make indirect investments in equities via participatory notes (where the underlying assets would comprise equities defined above)

5.   Eastspring Investments Unit Trusts – Singapore Select Bond Fund Class A

This Fund aims to maximize total returns over time by investing primarily in Singapore-dollar denominated debt securities and foreign currency debt securities which will be hedged back into Singapore Dollars. Month-to-date, the Fund posted a 1.69% return (Class A, bid-bid), underperforming the benchmark’s 1.96% return. The corporate bond overweight positioning detracted as credit spreads widened over the month. Year-to-date, the Fund delivered a 0.46% return (Class A, bid-bid), underperforming the benchmark’s 2.13% return. The Fund’s overall overweight in corporate bonds was a detractor, as the sector underperformed government bonds in 2018. The off benchmark allocation to USD-denominated Asian investment-grade corporate bonds (hedged back to the SGD) also detracted. As credit spreads widened more in the Asian USD investment grade segment versus SGD corporates; SGS yields have also been more defensive in 2018, rising less than their US Treasury counterparts.

6.   Prulink Singapore ASEAN Managed Fund

The Fund aims to maximize total return in the medium to long term by investing primarily in equities and equity-related securities of companies which are incorporated, quoted or listed in, or have their area of primary activity in Singapore and other ASEAN markets, and in Singapore-dollar denominated debt securities and foreign currency debt securities.

7.   Schroder Asian Growth SGD

Schroder Asian Growth Fund aims to achieve long-term capital growth primarily through investing in securities of companies quoted on some or all of the stock markets in countries in Asia, including Australia and New Zealand but excluding Japan. The portfolio of the Fund will be broadly diversified with no specific industry or sectoral emphasis. The net asset value (NAV) of the Fund is likely to have high volatility due to its investment policy or portfolio management techniques. This fund may use financial derivative instruments as a part of the investment process.

8.   Janus Henderson Global Technology Fund

The investment objective of the Global Technology Fund is to seek long-term capital appreciation by investing in a globally diversified portfolio of technology-related companies. The Fund aims to take advantage of market trends internationally. The Fund takes a geographically diversified approach and operates within the broad asset allocation ranges. There are no specified limits on the amounts that the fund can or must invest in any geographical region or a single country.

In case, you are a risk-averse investor, the mutual fund is an investment vehicle worth getting the attention of. So, you can choose the above-mentioned mutual funds to determine your path through which you earn good returns.

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