Whether the tax season is approaching, your financial audit’s date is nearing, or it’s any other day of the year, saving copies of your business documents, especially receipts and invoices is necessary. Preserving these is essential as you never know when you might have to cross-check the details mentioned in your books of accounts. With the fast-moving pace, you need to look for additional ways to preserve these important documents. Physical copies can get misplaced or damaged with time. The best solution to safeguarding your business transaction proofs is to use mobile applications to scan and save the receipts. A few popular receipt and invoice scanning mobile applications include:

Best receipt scanner mobile applications

1.   Google Photos

If you have an Android smartphone, the most basic mobile application for you is Google Photos. You don’t require a lot for this mobile applications. Just your phone’s camera and Google Lens that are connected and well-synced with Google Photos. All Android phones have Google Photos installed in them, which means you don’t even have to search in the Play Store. When the auto-sync setting is on, the photos you click of your transaction receipts will get uploaded to Photos. You can create different “Albums” or folders in this application to keep all your receipts and other crucial documents organized.

Download: iOS

2.   Zoho Expense

Zoho Expense is part of Zoho’s larger suite of expense-tracking apps and software, but it has built-in features like receipt management and text recognition. This is a freemium application that provides 100 free scans a month in the free version. For a new investor or small business owner, 100 scans are sufficient. But if you need more scans every month, you can opt for the paid subscription whenever you want. Talking about the efficiency of this software, it can scan documents and generate a quality preview within a minute.

Download: Android | iOS

3.   Shoeboxed

The next one on the list is a very smart and efficient tool. The mobile version of Shoeboxed software is easy-to-use, and it reads information through the scanned documents. This application lets you scan your receipts and other documents and organize in different folders so that it is easy for you to view and manage later. You can even email your scanned copies to other Shoeboxed accounts or users without any efforts. Sending and sharing scanned copies is as easy as attaching a file and mailing it to someone. This freemium application exports data to Quicken, Excel, CSV or PDF versions. It comes with its own online software to analyze spending with charts and graphs.

Download: Android | iOS

4.   Expensify

Another popular receipt management application is Expensify. You can capture receipts through the app, plus import your credit card and generate mileage reports. You can submit these reports through the app by simply entering the recipient’s email address. Expensify works with practically any accounting software such as QuickBooks and FreshBooks, which means maintaining the accounts won’t be a difficult task for you. Expensify is free to individuals or has a nominal fee per month per employee (no charge for months when no expense report is processed).

Download: Android | iOS

5.   Receipts by Wave

Receipts by Wave is primarily a business expense tracking tool. However, its website syncing and ability to scan multiple receipts at once makes it a robust tool for anyone looking to scan and track receipts. The app also lets you search your phone’s gallery for receipts. The app’s capabilities are accurate, which means that you won’t have to waste much time editing receipt information. What is a little different about Wave is that it saves your receipt information in the cloud instead of your device, saving you some storage space on your phone. It helps you track and organize your receipts by categorizing them, allowing you to separate business expenses in a way that works best for you. It is one of those few apps that lets you scan unlimited receipts and documents, that too at no cost. Yes, it’s completely free.

Download: Android | iOS

6.   Smart Receipts

The generation of graphs and reports is a useful feature of the freemium app. The fact that graphs auto-generate is especially handy and means you can easily keep up-to-date with the latest expenses. You can also upgrade to the premium version of the app through an in-app purchase. It allows you to select from over 20 different default data types (including dates, price, tax, receipt categories, comments, payment methods, etc.) to help you generate the perfect report, saving you hours of time doing expenses.

Download: Android | iOS

7.   Scanbot

This receipt app scans everything from business cards to whiteboards regardless of their size. Capture every receipt and other crucial documents with full efficiency. There are many filters available to apply to the scan. The annotation tool of the app is highly useful. The developer claims 98% satisfaction is attainable through this receipt scanner and organizer. It is the perfect tool to save any item digitally with ease. Existing scans are also available for modification and can be corrected by moving or deleting them. Scanning multiple documents is extremely simple with Scanbot. All that you have to do is switch to the ’’multiple pages’’-mode by tapping the button in the top left corner and scan as fast as you can flip through the pages.

Download: Android | iOS

Compare all these mobile applications, see which one fits your requirements and expectations the most. Accordingly, download the right one.

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