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Nowadays developing a business is not an easy mission. At the earlier stage, it will take a lot of time, effort and resources to develop a good business and there is ability to growing itself. The business owner must spend all spirit, physical and mental to stabilize the whole business.

Most of the business owner will spend all the saving to furnish up their business requirement and equipment. Just some of the lucky entrepreneur having backing of venture capital, or have trust from relatives to get some support for business in the earlier stage.

Most of the banks are not open opportunity to young entrepreneur and new start up enterprises to apply loan. Although they entrepreneur have strength to manage businesses. Therefore when the businesses happen to financial challenges the mission of increasing fund is a very harsh mission for them.

However 1st Credit SG Pte Ltd offering short term and medium term business loan package. Nowadays you can apply secured loan or unsecured loan to cover or growing up your business. Besides that, you also can finance or bidding new project any time. We providing flexible business loan package. Scale of the loan amount and repayment. Every business owner can get best debt capital solution with us.


Flexibility and diversity from 1st Credit SG Pte Ltd

1st Credit SG Pte Ltd provide customization package to fit different business needs. By applying business loan it may help on business expansion projects, disaster recovery, cash flow issues and asset acquisition, inventory acquisition and creditor debt settlement.

According to specifics nature of business, the loan amount that lent out from money lender will judge by examine some statement. There including the business’s financial statement as well as latest two years income tax reports whichever is shorter. This report will reflect the capability of the business which decisions the amount of loan to the business.

Besides that, the business also can have various flexible repayments according to the realization turn over. 1st Credit SG Pte Ltd available the most flexible option in repayment. There is flexible repayment to allow the business to make smaller payments during low season. However repay more when peak seasons there more income is realized according case by case basis.

We are welcome business owner to get more information from our consultant. Our experts will give some opinion about loan for your future target and advice how makes use of the money to making more revenue. Our financial consultants are well trained and they have experience in business more than ten years. They understand the market trend, they can help you interpret the information into financial benefit for your business expansion.

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Business Loan Simple application process

Application business loan from banks is extremely difficult, even impossible for young or new start up, non-profit making business to secure bank loan. Bank’s requirement is setting high because they do not expose themselves to a risky position. Besides that, the bank examine process is taking about weeks. Therefore you may be getting rejected after waiting for weeks.

At 1st Credit SG Pte Ltd is giving your business bigger chances to build and grow. You can using business loan the settle your loan with lower interest rate is advantages but this is not mandatory for us. Financing is the key to making business venture succeed that is why 1st Credit SG Pte Ltd giving hand of help when necessary.

1st Credit SG provide online application business loan, you can receive the money within few days. Therefore you can continue your business as going concern. Wherever you are in Singapore you still can get the loan by using application online. It is provide a lot convenience and comfortable for business owner.


Assessing your business needs

To maximize your business loan, we will examine and analysis your past, current and future of your business. This also gives you a chance to decide exactly how much you need to borrow make your business venture growing.

On the contrary concern about the amount of loan and repayment method. It is the potential of growing your business is more important? Therefore our financial consultant can realize that target. Hence, understand your financial problem and offering best solution for business.

For instant, start up or expanding a business is exciting when you can forget about financing problem. Business loans can make different when entrepreneur wants to start up a new business or expanding existing business. There are many way to get this business loan such as apply from bank, friends, co-workers, relative and moneylender. Among the sources Moneylender is the most preferred because the loans are easily getting accessible. Usually, licensed money lender loan application process is easy and straightforward. Therefore, borrower is very easy to meet the requirement. Some of the business owner is collateral with physical address to applying the business loan. In case, you meet the condition, the loan is will deposited to your bank account as fast as between 24 hours. The process is faster than any others bank or financial institute.

Contact Your License Moneylender to get your business loan

1st Credit SG Pte Ltd formerly known as Ariksha Licensed Moneylender is one of most reliable licensed moneylender in Singapore since year 1989. We provide professional consultant of financial plan getting many customer satisfaction with return and referral. Our experience staff is always willing to give best clarification by your understand language to every client. Our company is providing fast approval, best services, detail explanation of all products.

Besides that, 1st Credit SG Pte Ltd offers the lowest interest rate for all our loan product to help you save on cost. Some moneylenders may have hidden cost unlike us. We don’t have such practices in our company. (:

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