Money Lender Open on Sunday

money lender open on Sunday

Everyone can run into cash problems despite having a job or savings. A stable job and regular paycheck does not mean that you will never run into problems. In today’s society, everything is expensive, a small hiccup from your every day life can mean spending a lot more money than you have set aside.

Very often, the savings we have is not enough. Our teachers and parents have taught us the importance of saving money since young. But as you grow older, you realize that saving money is not easy. You have to pay for bills, mortgage, care for your kid, parents, and many more. Everything adds up to quite a tidy sum. Some times we end up with no savings for the month.

No matter what cash problems you are facing, do not stress over the situation. Any problem that you are currently facing can be easily solved. Let us help you. 1st Credit SG Pte Ltd formerly known as Ariksha Money lender is a license money lender in Singapore. Our doors are always open to complete the gap with short term fast cash loans.

Since opening our doors in 1989, we have helped countless people out of their problems. Throughout the years, our clients have become our friends and many of them have also referred us to people who are in need of cash. We do not see our clients as plainly clients. We sincerely want to help everyone in need of money to solve their problems.

As a licensed moneylender, we only practice responsible money lending. If we find that you are taking a loan more than what you need, we will advice you to take a smaller amount. This is so that you will end up paying lesser interest when your loan is due. In addition to that, the procedures for taking a loan from us is very simple. We will only require certain relevant documents from you to process the application. The whole process will be very simple and quick for you.

Money Lender Open on Sunday

1st Credit SG Pte Ltd is open every day including weekends. This means that if you need cash on a Sunday, you can drop by our office during our operating hours. We are open on the weekends from 12pm to 5pm. If you find that you will not be able to visit us during those times, give us a call at +65 6266 5422 and we will do our best to wait for your arrival.

Licensed Moneylender in Bugis

Our office is located at 149 Rochor Road #01-07 Fu Lu Shou Complex Singapore 188425. Where exactly is that? It is in the Bugis area. Taking a train to Bugis MRT and cutting through the famous Bugis Street, you will be able to find Fu Lu Shou Complex. As one of the best money lenders in Bugis, we are certain that we will be able to help you solve your cash problems.

Our loan services are extended to foreigners working and living in Singapore as well. Come on down and have a chat with our consultants if you have any questions. They are all well trained and have been in this line for many years. Their experience will be able to help you out of your problem.

Come visit us at Bugis today!


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