Why Invest in Singapore’s Stock Market Today?

Have you ever felt like your earnings are not enough? Have you ever considered making your money grow by investing in the stock market? If it is a yes to all of these questions, then it is time to start looking for a place to invest your money in. And what better place is there than Singapore.

Singapore stock market’s worth has reached about $473 billion. Their stock market worth is considered to be one of the largest among other countries in Asia. There may be headlines and reports that show Singapore’s declining stock market, yet this is a matter that needs further evaluation. It has been said that trading has slowed down, and deflation has become an issue in Singapore. Investors are beginning to question if investing in their stock market is still a good step.

Despite all the negative reports, there are still plenty of reasons why you should invest in Singapore stock market today. Here are some of the reasons:

Most private companies have consistent dividends.

Private companies, such as StarHub Ltd, continue to result in strong and consistent dividends. Also, other private companies have modified their business models and transformed their companies in a way that more stockholders can invest. With the large number of private companies in Singapore, it becomes a pool of potential investment opportunities.

Singapore’s stock market has high dividend yield.

Singapore stock market is at its highest dividend yield in the past few years. The stock market usually has the average of 2.7%, and for 30 years, it has retained the dividend yield of 3.5%. This has showed that there has been consistency in the stock market which can give some point of assurance to potential investors.

The stock market is cheap.

The cyclically adjusted price-earnings ratio or the CAPE ratio shows that the Singapore stock market is cheap. As compared to other countries in Asia, it is considered to be the second cheapest next to China. Additionally, it is considered to be the fifth cheapest developed market worldwide. The CAPE ratio, however, neither indicates any sudden increase in a short span of time nor displays when shares are going to increase in value. The CAPE ratio shows more information regarding its long-term effects. With Singapore’s low CAPE ratio, their market would most likely perform well over time. So, not only is the Singapore stock market cheaper and more available, its value will also increase big time in the long run.

Investing is a major step in your financial path. Taking necessary precautions and additional research would really be helpful. To know more about the stock market, you should check on reliable sources on the television or on the internet. Reports are never certain when it comes to the stock market. But if you want to invest in a place that gives a bit of guarantee, then you should consider investing in Singapore. As a leading financial hub in Asia, Singapore offers limitless investing opportunities you could try.


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