Sending Money to Singapore From Abroad

Many Singapore citizens are abroad and many investors who would like to remit funds to Singapore but are not aware of the means available to channel funds to the country.

Western Union

This is the most convenient way of remitting funds abroad. They have many agents around the world, and the first step is taking identifying their agents and then sending the money being aware that the transfer will also attract a small fee as commission.


This is one of the widely used methods of transferring money from one person to another. It is most prefer because of not only being fast, but it is also secure. You only need the email of the recipient, and the amount in your visa card and the money will be remit to him or her. The method also does not expose any financial history or transactions of the sender hence making it very reliable.


It is a money transfer service that occurs mainly among countries in Europe, but other countries are included. The sender must deposit the amount he wants to send with Pay2home and give the require information on the recipient. Afterward, the recipient will receive regular updates via SMS and email concerning the transactions, and then the amount will arrive after two working days.

Direct bank transfer

This is another major way that investors use to transfer money to Singapore for various purposes. When large amounts of funds are involving, it is advisable to have a direct transfer from the investors’ bank account to the recipient’s bank account. Nonetheless, an individual must first visit their financial institution and find out whether they have liaised with the target country for any cash transfers so as to avoid inconveniences.

Money transfer is a crucial factor that is facing by investors in the present day because they have to move funds from their mother country to the target state. It is of utmost importance that the financial institutions charged with the responsibility of funds transfer be credible. Credibility means that the means the transfers ought to be safe, convenient and most importantly fast. The government of Singapore through the monetary authority of Singapore has ensured the regulation of all the players in the sector is guaranteed of protection and equality as long as the meet the demands of the investors. An effective and efficient money transfer service ensures that the country has enough cash flows which increase the growth of the economy.

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