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Lots of debts, no cash, children, marriage issues and so forth. There are lots of reasons which might make you feel financially stressed out.  Financial stress is one of the main stressors on relationships. Before moving forth with the financial stress issues and how to reduce it, let’s first define stress

What is Stress?

Stress is a mental or emotional strain/tension emanating from adverse/demanding situations in life. With that in mind, financial stress is a situation where you are facing life demand, and yet you lack the necessary financial power to foot the necessary bills. Clear enough?

Back to the topic, there are lots of reasons as to why you might feel financially stressed. In fact, it is the primary cause of stress in relationships. Let’s check out the causes first.

Causes of financial stress

High debts levels

debts levels are on the rise compared to sources of income and assets.  Never has it been easier buying products on debts like in the 21st century. Debts are the main cause of economy plug you are facing today, thus leading to financial stress

Low saving rates

saving rates have reduced drastically, due to inflation and raise in living standards. In the contemporary society saving is non-existent or hovering around 2% to 5%.

Volatile stock markets

stock market created lots of wealth in early 90’s. However, what you are experiencing now is the unstable system of the stock market. The stock market is at the moment destroying wealth rather than creating wealth.

Real estate won’t be our financial savior

The stock market is not the only culprit that has single-handedly triggered financial instability; real estate has equally done so. If you have real estate in early 90’s, you can attest that real estate was a real deal, which purely contrary to what you might be experiencing at the moment.

Well, with that information at hand, let’s get to the nitty gritty about financial stress. When you get stressed, you might find it hard to attend on another issue of your life for instance work, relationship and so forth. But let that no worry you, in this editorial we are going to highlight solution to financial stress, which might be of great help to you

Create a Budget

What is a budget

it is an estimation of your income and expenditure for a certain period.

You might be of the opinion that the budget is only going to add to your financial stress, but that is not the reality. A budget is a tool that will help you cut on reckless spending; thus repressing your worry about money. It assists you to decide on how, on what you are going to spend your cash. In a nutshell, it is a spending plan that ensures you reach your retirement as well as saving goals. The budget will assist you to spend your hard-earned cash sensibly.

Get an Emergency Fund

Emergency fund

It is an amount of cash set aside to attend to financial surprises that might emanate at any time. The emergency fund might cover raising issues such as car repair, medical issues/sickness, death and so forth, which might cause stress in your life.  With the help of emergency cash, you will be able to repress chances of suffering from stress.

Setting aside emergency fund might appear troublesome at the beginning, especially if you are struggling to meet your daily bread. If you wish to make the process easy, you can start by saving as little cash as you can from your paycheck monthly. That said, you can effortlessly build your emergency cash quickly by selling your old stuff/items.

Get Outside Help

There is nothing incorrect with getting help from outside if you are struggling with getting control on your budget as well as spending issues. You can enrol in financial management and investment classes that might assist you to plan your budget as well as do things that will assist you to prosper financially. A financial planner can assist you to create a long-term investing plan which will aid you to plan for retirement. It is very vital that you don’t face your problems alone. If you are facing lots of debts issues, you can sort the counsel of a credit counselling service. You can as well, attend financial class to have the know-how on how to budget as well as solve other personal financial issues.

Just talking to an expert and seeing the other side of issues can help sort out your problems. It can also help someone to be accountable for their progress. Just understanding that you have to report on your expenditure or progress might be able to assist with impulse shopping or other issues.

Determine What You Can Change

Often if you’re experiencing financial issues, you have an income or a spending issue or both. If you are aware that you are not making so much money, you have to think of what you can do to alter the situation. It might mean going back to college to advance your education to get a good paycheck or if you are an addict, seek help from an expert. Once you have a plan that might assist you to change your situation entirely and be able to repress your stress. That said, the only way you can prioritise what to leave out is by determining the hourly cost of your wants. The approach might make it easy for you to choose what to cut on easily.

Change isn’t that easy all you need to do is start small and work up to more significant changes. If you accidentally make a mistake, it doesn’t mean that you should stop at that, you have to hold on to make the necessary adjustments.

Find Positive Aspects of Your Life Each Day

Whereas this might sound as if it isn’t a solution to the issues you might be facing, it can make a big difference in the amount of stress which you feel. You can track your progress towards your financial goals. Looking at the positive side of your life might assist you to cut financial stress. With that in mind, exercising can also help you repress stress and gives you the chance to focus on your financial issues fully.

Understanding issues which are affecting you financially and handling them wisely will assist you to deal with your financial stress easily.

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