How to Afford a European Holiday When You Have No Money

For most of us, the mere thought of a Euro holiday is enough to lead us to slow, gradual disappointment about the fact that it’s just way too expensive. But, with a little planning and a subtle readjustment in the quality of luxury you expect. You can afford a trip to Europe even if you don’t have all the money in the world. In this article, we shall provide you with tips to travel across Europe with limited financial resources.

As a sidenote: regular, seasoned travellers have mastered the art of travelling across countries and cities with limited means. It might seem difficult to adjust to such a travel routine, but avid travellers really endorse this method of travel. After all, travelling is about the exploration of alien cultures, terrains, cuisines, and more. Why let your financial position deter you from making wonderful memories? Listed below are a handful of tips that are sure to help you along with the process.

Always Opt for Budget Airlines

We know airfare is anything but cheap. It won’t get any better if you aren’t selective about the airlines you opt for. When you travel within Europe, you must never rule out the option of using affordable, budget airlines. You can always opt for the option when you’re tired of all those train and bus journeys that you’re most likely to take in Europe.

While airlines such as Norwegian Air, Eurowings, Wizz Air, and Easy Jet provide you with affordable prices. There’s a catch that you need to keep in mind. These airlines charge you with inordinate amounts of money with the additional fees they might pose for a variety of reasons. Consider the fact that it might actually be a bad idea for you to opt for a ‘budget airline’ when you have too much of your own luggage to carry. In some cases, the accumulated additional fees you are charged with can seriously backfire as you could have actually had it cheaper with a larger airline.

Travel with a Eurail Pass

They say the best way to explore the European countryside is actually through extensive rail travel. You miss out on the best aspects of the European heartland when you opt to fly. The extensiveness of the European rail system ensures that you can access most tourist hotspots that attract people from distant corners of the world. But, most people make the cardinal mistake of not buying a handy Eurail pass. Getting a Eurail pass is almost a given when you’re in Europe as a part of a comprehensive tour. The primary reason why it’s imperative to buy a Eurail pass is that travelling across countries on a single journey ticket can prove to be expensive. In essence, a Eurail pass brings a reduction in your cost-per-trip.

Try out the BlaBlaCar

The state of the global economy is such that it has propelled people to consider radical means of making some money within the confines of a ‘sharing economy’, where individuals share access to the goods and services that they own. How is that relevant for your Euro trip? This helps you because the state of the economy has given rise to services such as BlaBlaCar, a service that lets you share a car with people who have extra space in their car. Those who are familiar with the excessively high cab charges you’re likely to find in Europe would certainly appreciate the fact that BlaBlaCar allows you to find rides for as cheap as five or ten euros.

The best part about entering into such an arrangement is that it allows you to meet locals and converse with them. The nature of these services makes it ideal for backpackers, who embrace minimalism as a replacement for luxury, and more often than not, opt for the road seldom taken.

Remain Smart about Your Food

Now that we have talked enough about travelling within Europe. Let us consider other major expenses that tend to take travellers by surprise. Let us break it to you: eating out in Europe can get ridiculously expensive so you should prepare yourself accordingly. Instead of relying on restaurants, head to the supermarket and stock up on supplies that can enable you to prepare mini-meals, sandwiches, and other snacks. Rely on bakeries and patisseries; you’re much more likely to get value-for-money at bakeries than you get at a restaurant. However, that doesn’t mean you never try out the local specialities that each European country has in abundance. Every once in a while, allow yourself some (controlled) indulgence – for the spirit of food!

Select Accommodation Wisely

We trust you to scan the internet for the best possible prices for your stay. We also hope that you pick the offseason (September to April) to avail further discounts with regards to your accommodation. In addition to the obvious, it’s also important that you consider the merit of selecting a lodge/hotel that is central to the city in terms of location. It may seem counterproductive to do so, after all, you’re more likely to find cheap accommodation in the suburbs. But that’s simply because you haven’t factored in the significant travelling expenses you’re likely to incur when you set out for sightseeing. Also, you can get cheaper prices if you book your hotels as a part of a pre-packaged tour. And lastly, don’t forget to make sure your package also has the breakfast included.

It’s important to cash-in on an ‘unlimited spread of food’ while you have the chance. Some of the hard-core travel enthusiasts are all praises for Airbnb, another product of the ‘sharing economy’, where you can find affordable homely accommodation. If you’re a single traveller, backpacker hostels might be your best bet – offering you new friendships and shared kitchens at affordable rates!

As a bonus pro-tip: always be wary of shopping in an explicitly ‘tourist spot’, head to the local supermarket instead and compare the prices yourself (unfortunately, you’ll have no way of thanking us). You’re likely to incur significant cost savings if you implement all these tips faithfully. You can retain complete independence over the countries you can opt to visit. Here’s wishing you an enjoyable Euro trip. Bon Voyage!

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