6 annoying things tourists do

We’ve all been tourists at some point in our lives. And, let’s confess it, you’re more likely to be guilty of those annoying tourist habits – which get us labelled as the worst ones ever. When people travel, they forget certain dos and donts they are meant to follow as a guest in another destination. From cutting ticket lines to jay-walking to shouting out their dismay at the top of their voice, there are several things tourists do which annoy the locals. In this blog, we have compiled a list of common annoying tourist habits that must be avoided to prevent a bitter travel experience.

1.     Talking Loudly

Many tourists have this annoying habit of talking boisterously. Whether it is the expensiveness of the place, dismay about some services, or just basic excitement of travelling, some tourists forget that they are not at home. We understand your excitement and even your disappointment, but that does not mean you start expressing it raucously. You can convey it by keeping the volume down too. Trust us, being soft is going to better your experience at large.

2.     Expecting Everyone to Know English

Tourists often expect people around the world to know English. But, in places like France, Italy, Spain, Russia, etc., you may not find it easy to converse in English. Don’t be shocked by the lack of English speakers and shout out your disappointment. Not everyone in this world speaks English! Learn to deal with the fact. Just like you expect tourists to learn your local language, you could do better with a bit of research on some basic local phrases used at your holiday destination.

3.     Disrespecting Local Customs

We all would love to wear that comfortable pair of shorts or just do as we do things back home. But be mindful of your attire and actions as you might end up offending the locals. Yes, every place has its own set of traditions and customs. Even dressing as you like could get you in trouble at places that are too conservative. So, read up on your travel destination’s culture and think twice before offending the locals. You do not want to get into a mess and spoil your holiday!

4.     Constantly Cribbing and Making Comparisons with Your Hometown

Well, this is one of the most annoying things tourists that infuriate the locals. If you love your hometown so much, then why leave it in the first place. Every town or city has its unique identity, customs, and ways. And, you are travelling to experience something different. Then why not appreciate it? Stop whining and do as the locals do. It will enhance your experience I tell you.

5.     Clicking Anything and Anyone

Would you like anyone clicking your photo without your permission? Of course not, right? Then why be that creepy photographer when you yourself dislike it. Tourists seem to think that it is their right to click anything or anyone, but fail to realise this can get them into deep trouble. People will be happy to pose for you, but only if you ask.

6.     Cutting Lines and Pushing

When one has a long queue in front of them, it is tempting to cut the line, but is it worth it? Well, no. If you come to a tourist site and see a long queue, stop grumbling, cutting the line, or pushing people. It is no rocket science to master the art of waiting for your turn. All you require is a bit of patience and some respect for fellow humans. So, just stay and wait for your turn to come or suffer the ire of the locals.

Here was the list of some annoying tourist habits to avoid and save yourself from touristy embarrassment in the future. It doesn’t hurt to do some research before travelling. After all, you are travelling for some sweet experiences why spoil them with these common peeves.

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