Having a baby is a beautiful thing for mothers but then the responsibilities of your finances make you worry. While enriching a new life inside you, it is very natural to not be able to do justice with your 9-5 job. The Singapore government is understanding enough to provide maternity leaves to women expecting a child. The maternity leaves in Singapore allow you to have 16 weeks of government-paid leaves if your child is Singaporean by birth. Instead of this initiative of the government, it is not always possible to have stability with your finances. There have been many instances, where the employers have deliberately made its women employees leave their jobs, by putting them on a lower rank or dismissing them during their pregnancy, thus hurting their financial stability. It is necessary for this reason, to make sure you don’t fall back foot on your shortcomings while there is another life depending on you.

To make sure you’re financially free to take care of your new-born, you must find more flexible ways to earn extra income.

1. Freelance Writing

One of the most interesting and flexible jobs for work from home wives is freelance writing. The vast field of the internet requires fresher ideas every day and not everyone has enough time. When companies require written for them that require written skills, they hire people to write what they wish to convey. Freelance writing has a variety of projects and fields that you can write about. Publish a blog on cat care, write about organic products or ghostwrite someone’s management blog. There are high paying clients on the freelance writing portals where you get to be creative on our own and copy-write some pages for catalogs and marketing campaigns. The important thing in this field in the deadlines set by your clients but you can still choose to have your hours of work. You can either choose to work with a firm that supplies regular client projects or simply build your network by writing flawlessly for your clients and getting referred for an impeccable job.

2. Blogging

People are always looking for answers on the internet. Being good at something or experiences in a certain field can get you some financial support if you have a hint of a wordsmith in you. Blogging is a popular way of earning money through internet traffic. Think about something that you know about. For example, if you’re getting a second person to call you mommy, you already know what’s what. Now if you can convey the joys and pains of becoming a mother to the noobs through words, you have a blog post website that helps a lot of women to go through their pregnancy. Once you have accumulated enough audience and traffic on your website, you can monetize your website. Write about the caretaking of yourself and the child or simply make a fun-filled blog about your experience of bathing your little one. When you begin, keep clear of the way your blog proceeds in the future and give your audience a timeline to follow. Keep noting the e-mail ids when your audience wants to be in touch with you and send newsletters that bring them back to your website.

3. Transcription

If you have a lot of free time while the baby sleeps, this would be an easy option for you. Transcription jobs are a convenient work from home project for mothers. A transcriptionist has to listen to voice clips from different people and convert them into written information. So after a long day with a baby, it would be a relief for you to simply type up something being said by someone. Transcription jobs require no experience and you can join straight in once you find a good firm that distributes transcription projects. Transcription turns out to be an extra income job as most of the easily available projects end up having cheap rates for work hours and work hours can be uneven. When beginning in this sector, always do a background check on the company. See if the company has a good reputation among the people working for it. Don’t settle with companies that have strict annulment guidelines. If you can get projects with brief recordings to a transcript, you can have a better routine for yourself with short breaks to have a look at the child.

4. Data Entry

Data entry jobs are the easiest paying jobs for stay at home mothers. A lot of people have been making money through online portals that connect you to companies that require data entry professionals. However, the monotonous nature of this job may have you rethinking about it amidst getting a hard time from your child. Data entry jobs are the best option for you if you can always type like your fingers were born to the keyboard. And if you have the very special short-hand typing skills, you can excel at this job by adding extra work hours than others. Since data entry calls for touch-typing, where you can type without looking at the keyboard, most companies want a person who can add in more information than sitting for hours at the workplace.

5. Customer Services

If you’re skilled at handling people and talking with a fine tone, you can go for customer service jobs. Customer service companies have the convenience of letting you work from home. You can connect to the customers through chatbots or phones provided by the company. Though you’ll have to visit the offices for product training, the job after it can be done from home easily. If you are fluent in more than one language, it adds as a bonus point and your salary can be more than the common tongue speakers.

It becomes essential in the days of early motherhood that you take care of the child and yourself, both physically and financially. Finding other resources for your finances can help you fund a little more to the comfort of your little dumpling.


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