Every student loses their wallet at least once. Most students keep their entire life packed into a compact wallet, to fit in their pockets. Especially the ones who are studying abroad carry their passports, cash, and credits with them across countries. There is a big possibility that you could lose your wallet or misplace it. So what exactly are you going to do once such a situation arises? The next thing you know, you have started to panic, and you probably have no idea what to do next. You can begin by checking things on the list given below and take precautions in case your wallet is lost someday.

What To Do When You Lose Your Wallet
What To Do When You Lose Your Wallet

Do Not Panic

It pretty much means what it says. If you panic, you are only going to be less conscious about what to do next. Instead, try to stay calm because you have a lot of things to do now that your wallet is lost. Try to remember every place you visited, call up people you met and retrace your steps to make sure if it is lost or stolen. Keep track of time also, as you will have to do other things.

List Down Your Wallet Essentials

Moving on, remember what all did you keep in your wallet. Debits, credits, identity cards, railway card, and keys are the most important at this point. These are the most primary things that if they were in your wallet, you would need them back amongst other things. Besides needing them most, these are the ones that no thief should get their hands on.

Call Your Bank Cards Issuers

Call the banks that you have an account in and had any card made from them. The bank officials will immediately freeze your cards, and no one will be able to misuse them. This way, your accounts stay secure, and besides your cash, there will be zero possibility of you losing more bucks.

You can also get a replacement card delivered to you. While you are getting a replacement made, keep calling your bank regularly to make sure no one is misusing your account to prevent fraud.

Replace your NRIC

Anyone who finds your wallet or has stolen will easily be able to commit identity thefts and frauds with your name. The item in your wallet that is the most significant to the thieves is your National Registration Identity Card (NRIC). With your name, address, contact numbers, and identity number, they can easily commit crimes under your name. Immediately report to the Immigration and Checkpoint Authority (ICA) about the wallet loss. For NRIC lost along with the wallet, you are required to report to them as well as file a police report.

File a Police Report

Although the police may not be able to track down your wallet, you are required to file a police report. A police report is needed for you to be able to replace your NRIC. While, if in case the police do find your wallet, you can give your NRIC for replacement itself. Also, do not forget to check the cards and cash, most importantly.

Change Locks

The most important thing to do in case you keep your keys in your wallet is to change the locks to your dorm or house. A key along with your cards having an address on them gives the thieves access to easily trespass and steal things from your home. You have to keep in mind that even though you had your wallet returned to you entirely, anyone could have made copies of your keys and noted down the address. Before you lose something else, you must take care of changing locks.

Replace Other Items in your Wallet

These are the least important, but you can have your money refunded to your replacement card. There are online forms to replace concession cards, or you can use the TransItKiosks to get a quicker response. Your replacement cards get delivered to you within five working days.

Moreover, if you had kept health insurance and auto insurance cards in your wallet, you will have to replace those too. But since these are the cards and items that will create zero havoc, you should do this in the end.

Contact Your Embassy

If you are a student studying abroad, you are most likely to be carrying your passport with you at all times, due to the reason that other types of identification are not recognized. Losing your passport in another country means you cannot travel to your own country without it. As soon as you contact the embassy, you can get an appointment to make a new one with a small fee.

Get a New Wallet

Now that you have all your replacement cards in place, you need another wallet, possibly to keep your replacement cards and cash in it. With all this stress about losing your wallet, you can treat yourself to a new one. However, take measures by cutting down on the cards and items you will carry in your wallet henceforth.

Precautions for the Future

You must carry only one credit or debit with you for each journey and keep the rest at your house. Also, try not to store official investment receipts in your wallet, as it gives the thieves access to your assets. Refrain from keeping your family members’ information in any form, as it could lead to kidnapping or extreme crimes.

If you are studying abroad, keep your passport safe at your dorm or apartment. If there is any identification required, you will know when to carry it or keep an image of it on your phone. In the case of your NRIC also, there is no need for you to take it with you in your wallet, so leave it at home.

Keep scanned photocopies of all your replacement cards so that in case you lose them again, the process of replacing the cards becomes much more manageable. You can also use mobile apps that keep the scanned copies securely locked with passwords. These apps also give you a couple of emergency contacts to call when you lose your wallet.

Finally, try not to lose your wallet and stay alert at all times.

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