Singapore’s Major Stock Market Sectors

Singapore is one of Asia’s powerhouses. Its market economy is no joke as well, a highly-developed one that rivals the rest of the ASEAN countries. However, how did one small country become one of the world’s leading economic zones? The answer lies in the attractive business sectors of the country that are full of possible investments. These sectors play a huge role in the SGX. Some of these were forecasted to do well in 2016, and they have! These are:

  1. Food and Beverage

This sector has always been an important one in Singapore’s stock market. It’s quite a formidable sector that isn’t so easily toppled over by fluctuations in the stock market. It draws strength from the diverse cuisines available in the country due to its geographical location. Moreover, because of the diversity, more people from all over the world migrate to Singapore and establish restaurants that investors are targeting. The result is a significant sector in the SGX.

  1. Health

Healthcare, in all forms, has always been in demand. Research for new vaccines and the constant demand for medicine have pushed investors to invest a large sum in this sector. Additionally, due to the recent rise of new threats such as the Zika virus, healthcare has been at the top of the list as one of the major sectors of investment not just in Singapore but worldwide.

  1. Technology

In this rapidly growing world, technology can be seen everywhere. Investors are always looking for new gadgets that can help them make it or break it. The demand for new technology has also been significant in recent years. Innovation in this sector has pushed us to the point where the demand for new gizmos has 100%. This demand is making the technological sector a key player in the stock market of Singapore.

  1. Education

Education has always been a priority for Singaporeans. Worldwide, they are known to produce very talent and smart kids that play a big role in the country’s future. It’s precisely because of this that there is a lot of investment at play in the different schools and education centers in Singapore. Therefore, they have been a forefront in making educational systems that adhere to new-age discoveries and changes in what we already know.

  1. Property & Real Estate

The land has always been an issue in Singapore. Because of its small size, the land is a limited resource; thus, its market value is very high. Most people live in either condominiums or apartments because investors target plots of land to invest in residential buildings for Singapore’s rapidly growing population. Moreover, this huge demand for residences has made its mark in the country’s stock market.

In conclusion, the SGX relies on the major sectors that draw in investors from all over the world. These sectors, due to the growing economy, are considering key players in the success of Singapore’s stock market.


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