Singapore’s Largest Business Mergers in Health and Finance

The fact is that today Singapore’s largest business mergers are happening in the health care and financial sectors of the country. The health care market has increased tremendously, causing mergers in Singapore and giving them the lion’s share of the market. The financial increase in banking institutions has also helped to add to the mergers and acquisitions activity. This has helped gain more overseas investors. The country’s economic outlook gives foreign investors the appeal to merge with Singaporean banking.


The United States provides Investors for the Singapore Markets

It is a commonly known factor that many of the foreign investors are from the American markets. The fact is that Singaporean investors spent $39.1bn of US dollars in 2008 with more mergers in sight. This amount has increased over the years. Singapore has developed an appetite to deal in the market by expanding their view on the world market. At the macro level, the investors are looking to remain in the health care and banking industries for future success. The economy may not withstand the entirety of investment futures because the housing market has declined.

The government of Singapore will need to loosen up on the taxes and restrictions in order to keep the economy in a higher position when it comes to the housing market. The economy has risen within the food industry. The merging of many buffet style restaurants has added to the economic growth. However, the fact is that the biggest factor in their growth has come from the banking industry.


The Banking Industry

The banking industry has become a huge single factor in the economy of Singapore. The merger of several banks from countries such as: Singapore, Vietnam, and Thailand have a trajectory based on the forward price/earnings ratio. The way that they are partaking in robust deal-making activity shows that the success of the financial institutions is very important. Across the board, many foreign investors are keeping a close eye on how the financial economy is growing in Singapore and other Asian countries. It cannot be denied that the surge in the M & A activity has not been linked to one individual factor. The companies are getting a positive feeling about the economy of the country.


Health Care Industry

It is a fact that many investors are starting to realize that health care products from out of Singapore are causing a rise in the economy. That is why companies from the United States and Great Britain are starting to merge with multiple companies in Singapore to build on the financial ability to increase their own growth. The growth of this business with mergers to foreign investors will again depend on the government’s restrictions and tax programs.



The largest business mergers to date in Singapore have been in Health and Finance. The fact that foreign investors are looking at the increasing success of the economy, has given rise to the fact that this is going to be a prosperous means of growth for the country. That is why foreign investors are looking to merge with existing companies or acquire those companies that are able to be acquired.

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