Singapore Technology “Grab” Partners with Driverless Car Manufacturers

The “Grab taxi company” in Singapore decided to compete with UBER by teaming up with the manufacturers of driverless cars. Users of Grab taxi will soon be able to book rides for anyone who dares to take the plunge. The driverless technology is new but manufacturers are racing to get their own stake in this technology. This will change how personal transportation will be conducted for a long time. Now it won’t matter if you know how to drive or not. The new Grab taxi is at your service.


Autonomous Vehicles in ever Increasing Demand

Uber is the most relevant rival that Grab taxi has had to contend with in Singapore. Now that this new technology has come out it is estimated that they will surpass Uber. Uber had introduced the vehicles in the United States so it is no wonder that the newer style vehicles will soon be seen around the world. The vehicles are being tested in a western Singapore district first to see how well they meet transportation needs. They also want to get a feel for how people will receive the idea that their Taxi will pick them up and take them to their destination without a driver.

The Grab taxi is known as nuTonomy’s driverless ride. There shall be a support engineer and a safety driver in each vehicle at all times to make sure that the passengers are safe. This is very limited trial in Singapore at the present time. The hope is to have at least 100 of these special taxi’s by 2018. The hope for Singapore is that the residents will use more public transportation or shared vehicle rides. They have limited land space but the workforce needs to be able to get around. This could be a great solution for the workers and the economy of the country.


What about Remote Locations

The fact is that regular drivers refuse to take passengers that need to go to rural areas. It takes up too much time and it could be dangerous for the driver. The driverless vehicle can resolve that problem, making it easier for people who travel on roads outside Singapore to get into the city safely. The driverless vehicle will accept bookings from remote locations. It stands to reason that these “robo-cars” are desperately needed for residents of the north side of Singapore. The new driverless vehicles will provide transportation at a fraction of the cost for those who live in the far-flung areas of Singapore.



The trial period is expected to last over the next two months and beyond as long as it proves itself to be commercially and economically valuable. The feedback and data they have gotten so far is sounding like this is going to be a great way for Grab taxi to go. Grab taxi in the initial trial period will prove to be a technological advancement that could be used around the world. The system is already in use in the United States with Uber. They are purchasing trucks as well as cars that have been modified to be driverless. The idea is new but that only means it will have quicker advancements upon use and need. That is what the manufacturing companies that create the vehicles is hoping.

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