Singapore Exchange (SGX) Trading Hours and Market Holidays

The Singapore Exchange (SGX) is a stock exchange and investment holding company located in Singapore. It provides different services like derivatives trading and anything related to securities. It has a market capital of $661.24 billion.

Get to know the basics of Singapore Exchange in this article, especially about trading hours and market holidays.

What schedule does Singapore Exchange follow?

Singapore Exchange is only open for five days a week. It can serve its clients for eight hours a day. It is not open during weekends. As a general rule, American, European, and Asian Stock Exchanges adhere to a Monday to Friday schedule.

Other stock exchanges are only open for 25 to 35 hours per week, but SGX trading hours follows a 40-hours per week schedule. Most stock exchanges operate for only 4 days per week, and there is one identify exchange that only opens 2 days a week.


Why do some stock exchanges have limited trading hours?

With limited trading hours, there can be more reports that can be published, especially when the markets are closed. This gives investors enough time to study the market and their succeeding moves.


How does Singapore Exchange differ from other stock markets in Asia?

Singapore Exchange is one of the stock markets in Asia that does not close during lunchtime. From the Opening Bell to the Closing Bell, SGX trading hours remains open and takes into consideration lunch hours.

Is Singapore Exchange being affect by Daylight Saving Time?

Singapore Exchange is not affect by Daylight Saving Time. It follows the time zone in Asia / Singapore. These places do not follow Daylight Saving Time. It is set to GMT +8:00 for the whole year.


What is Extended Hours Trading?

Extended Hours Trading covers both after-market and pre-market trading. It carries trades pending the reopening of markets. Stocks are only trade during official hours set by the Singapore Exchange, yet there are unofficial hours given away by Singapore Exchange to allow investors to act immediately on information and updates while the markets are closed. Before, only large investors can participate in Extended Hours Trading, but now, even individual investors are able to trade during these hours as well.


On what days is the Singapore Exchange closed?

Singapore Exchange is close for 11 holidays in a year. SGX holidays are identify base on the observe dates. But if the actual date falls on a weekend wherein stock exchanges are usually close, they generally close on the Friday before or the Monday after the holiday. Yet, there are cases when instead of fully closing; stock exchanges modify their operating and closing hours.


What are the usual holidays being observed?

The usual SGX holidays are following are January 1 which is New Year’s Day, January 28 and 29 which is due to the celebration of the Chinese New Year. It also includes April 14, in observance of Good Friday. May 1 is also considere as Labour Day. Vesak Day which is usually commemorating during May 10 is also part of the list. There is also one holiday observing during the 25th of June, which is the Hari Raya Puasa.

There is also one on August 9 which is a National Day. On September 1, Hari Raya Haji is celebrating. The two last holidays are celebrated during October 18 and December 25, which are Deepavali and Christmas Day, respectively.



Knowing the exact trading hours and holidays will help you craft better plan on your SGX trading strategies. Learn more about Singapore Exchange by reading more articles and write-ups. You can even consider buying books to enhance your knowledge about SGX.

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