Property Investment can lead to safe retirement

There are few investments as safe as property. The stock market fluctuates, changes, plunges and rises constantly, however, property values are either appreciating, stagnant or dipping slightly to rise again. Investing is crucial to make your money earn for you, rather than you working to earn money. Of all the investment options available to you, investing in real estate is by far the safest.

When you begin investing, you must think of the long-term picture. You should not think of returns in a single day, week or month. Rather, you should think of investments and returns as a 10-year plan. While every type of investment is about earning additional income, the right investment can lead to safe retirement. We would all love to grow old and be sure that we have sufficient funds post retirement. There are many reasons to invest in property in Singapore.

Why should you invest in property in Singapore

You have Property Options

Visit any of the top cities in the world, you have limited options to invest in property. Cities like New York, London, and Mumbai are facing severe property crunch. Hence, the number of properties available to you is limited. Finding a home or commercial property at the right price and size can be extremely challenging.

Singapore does not face such severe constraints. Condominiums, small single family homes, flats, and commercial properties are largely available for purchase.

Maritime Trade

The rise and growth of Singapore is inexplicably tied in with maritime trade. Maritime trade accounts for as much as 7% of the country’s GDP. Singapore is not just a port city, its strategic geographic location opens the markets of South-East Asia to many businesses. This, in turn, has led to many businesses inhabiting Singapore and greatly boosting the country’s real estate prices.

Appreciating Price

The value of Singapore’s real estate industry lies in its appreciating price. Regardless of your investment, you can be certain that the price will increase in the future. Here’s a look at the space price index for office, retail, and private properties.

While Singapore’s economy and real estate industry was impacted by the 2008 recession, post that the property market has been on the rise. This is because Singapore’s economy has shrugged off any sluggishness caused by the 2008 recession and its growth is on a positive trend. A current estimate is that any property investment you do this year, will see the property value increase between 1.72% to 67% depending on various factors.

Property Rental

Apart from investing and selling the property after a few years, you also have the option of earning income through property rental. Purchasing a property and setting it up as a rental property can bring you passive income. If managing your rental property is an issue, there are many rental property managers in Singapore. Additionally, with a rising real estate market, you can be sure your rental income grows year after year.

A look at rental index for office space and residential properties

How to invest in property in Singapore

Choose the Location

The location in which you purchase the property is probably the biggest factor that decides whether or not your investment will reap you benefits.

  • Central or downtown Singapore is the most expensive real estate area. It contains the business district and Marina Bay. Purchasing a property here can be difficult as most developers are not willing to sell their property.
  • Woodlands is a popular location for expats and the middle class to live in. Since the area is high in demand, this would be an excellent place to own a property.
  • Jurong is one of Singapore’s most affordable areas for property investment. It is largely dominated by industries. Also, the presence of Nanyang Technological University (NTU) means that plenty of students are in continuous search of good housing.


Like any investment, Singapore’s real estate does not come cheap. It often ranks in the top 10 most expensive cities to buy property in the world. To purchase a property, you need to have a minimum budget of $2,000,000. The higher your budget, the more rewards your property will reap in the future. A median budget would be of $2,000,000.

If your budget is a problem, you have various grant and loan options. DBS offers a business property loan and United Overseas Bank offers a commercial property loan.


It’s crucial that you manage your property tax. Singapore has low-interest rates in comparison to countries like Indonesia and Malaysia. Plus, the tax system is relatively easy to manage.


Once you purchase a property, the easiest and a highly recommended strategy is to hold on to it until there is a substantial price increase. When that happens, you sell the property at a significant profit. However, renting is also a great option. While you are waiting for the property price to increase, you can lease your property. This includes turning the property into an inhabitable location, maintaining the property, and other such responsibilities.

You could also lease the property to a property management company and reap the benefits.

If you are looking for a safe retirement option, then investing in property in Singapore would be the correct choice. Managed well, you will reap sufficient returns in the future to ensure that your life post-retirement is secure.

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