Whenever we read about building wealth or even we come across similar topics for that purpose, we usually begin by assessing our present financial status. We’re asked to calculate our assets as well as liabilities followed by a determination of where we’d like to be in a certain period. Being armed with this information along with assessing our present earning and saving power, we then set out to structure our financial goals. Although we try to be realistic, we still want to stretch ourselves a little bit – after all, that’s one of the purposes of setting goals. To achieve more than we usually would if we didn’t have goals in the first place. And also, goals are supposed to give us direction.

So when seeking out these new financial goals, many of us fall dreadfully short. What happened? Did we not work hard enough or plan poorly? Maybe, but it’s probably much deeper than that. One strategy that many goal-setting people use to get more mileage out of setting goals is to find out why we want a specific purpose.

This certainly helps us get more leverage on achieving our goal, but to many people, money is much more complicated than that. Money represents our upbringing and our culture. To some of us, money represents bad memories of parents arguing or watching our families suffer for the lack of it, while others may view money as only a tool and seem to have no problem accumulating it in their bank accounts. These financial memories have created mental roadblocks for many of us when it comes to making money. Thus, if we want to build wealth, we have to go one step further and determine our level of prosperity consciousness.

So what if we’re unhappy with our present level of prosperity consciousness, how do we change it? The answer is that we have to start getting comfortable with more prosperity coming into our lives. There are some simple things that we can start doing today which will dramatically increase our levels of success over time. Bear in mind that these actions are not instantaneous – they’ll need some time to yield results.

Use Written Affirmations

It sounds elementary, but this little plan works. Just write down your affirmation twenty times each morning and each evening. We should choose a statement that suits our particular situation and prosperity level. To find out where to begin, start with this one: “I deserve to be wealthy.” Does it make you feel uncomfortable when you write it down? If so, that’s a sign that you probably need to use that one or something similar. You could also try this one: “I am bringing more and more wealth into my life each day.” Play around with words and see how they make you feel. If you’re too outrageous, your subconscious will reject the idea, so you want something that makes you feel slightly anxious or uncomfortable. Continue using your affirmation for thirty days and then start using a different affirmation. The next affirmation should be a natural building block on the previous one. The basic to affirmations is to be persistent and not give up on them because they seem ineffective, repetitive, and boring. Remember that you’re trying to undo years of mental programming and repetition is required.

Visualize the Outcome

Put views of financial goals in your mind and view them routinely. The best times for these visualizations are the first thing in the morning and right before night. And it is also recommended that you add some exercises throughout the day also. As with affirmations, these visualization exercises are a matter of personal preference. We all visualize things in our minds differently depending on our personalities, so you’ll want to experiment with the images. Here are some things you can do with those internal images:

  • Try blowing them up in size,
  • Make them more colorful,
  • Give them noise, give them action,
  • Increase brightness.

Keep playing with these attributes until you find the ones that excite you. Also, keep in mind that the content of these pictures will change over time – in fact, they need to change over time because you’re trying picture more prosperity in your life.

Be Aware of How You Receive Prosperity

Take inventory of your thoughts and feelings toward the way you receive prosperity. For example, how well do you receive compliments? Do you tend to play them down or do you accept them with grace? If someone offers to pay you for a task you’ve performed, do you accept the payment or do you turn it down? If a person tries to give you something, do you accept it? Do you volunteer for tasks that you won’t be paid for? All of these are indicators of your prosperity consciousness. Don’t be concerned about making judgments at this point, simply become more aware of what’s going on inside your mind. If you’re doing the affirmations and visualizations, you’ll know what to do when the time comes.

 Be Aware of How You Give Prosperity

Spiritual wise people claim that in terms of prosperity, the universe makes no distinction between giving and receiving. The important thing is maintaining the flow of prosperity and allowing it to bless more lives. Incidentally, this is the same principle on which tithing to your church or donating a portion of your pay to charity lies. These charitable acts allow people to participate in the flow of prosperity and share it with others. So if you want more prosperity in your life, start giving more in return.

To build wealth successfully, we need to look inside ourselves first. We’re taught to define and then go after our goals, but it doesn’t work quite that way. After we set our goals, we then need to concentrate on removing all the barriers that block their path. So rather than going after these financial goals, we naturally attract them to us by preparing ourselves to receive them through a strong sense of prosperity consciousness.

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