The higher spectrum the better 7 ‘most colorful’ cities in the world

At Burana residents must request permission from the local government to paint the facade, in India, believe that the color blue makes insects. Choosing a location for the next trip often has natural beauty, crazy nightlife, a good place for relaxation, or historic cities. But these places are impressive for their crazy facades. Let them wear a long history, some have emerged recently. The following is a list of seven most interesting.

  1. Jodhpur, India

Blue once indicating that the house lives Brahmin, priest of the Indian caste system, but this place has become a time known for its blue houses and lived in them Brahmins or not. According to Indian belief, the color blue is used as a repellent against insects. If you have a blue facade, let us know whether this is true.

  1. Cinque Terre, Italy

Cinque Terre is the name of the five villages in Italy, Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore, which were created in the Middle Ages. Although according to the legend locals facades painted in striking colors in the Middle Ages, to make them able to catch a glimpse the sea when they go fishing, it is true that the facade painted only fifty years ago.

  1. Júzcar, Spain

On this Spanish hill once dominated white facade. But five years ago, Sony Pictures painted them in blue, as a marketing gimmick to promote Smurfs. And when the contract expired, the locals decided to keep the new color.

  1. The rainbow village, Nantun District, Taiwan

A few years ago, an 87-year-old war veteran, better known as Santa long, began to paint the walls, doors, and the country of their small village not far from Taichung to revive the place.

  1. Burano, Venice, Italy

The island of Burano is located in the lagoon and like Venice, itself passes through its channels. But what really are distinctly colored facades, which are painted every two years. Each resident has a different facade of his neighbor, a painting must obtain the permission of the local government.

  1. Tirana, Albania

The greyness of communism replaced vivid colors all over town. This happened in 2000 when the artist Edi Rama became the mayor of Tirana. The first task? To revive the city.

  1. Caminito, Buenos Aires, Argentina

In this area once flowed a small brook, and when it dried up, built the railway. Built the village, which was revived in the 1950s, when the artist Benito Quinquela Martín began to fear the walls of pastel colors.

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