Six exotic dishes from across the globe that every travel nerd has to try

Who doesn’t love food? Everyone does! Just like our soul is hungry for some exotic travel experiences, our taste buds demand something new time and again. And, why not, the world is full of some delectable delicacies. And, what better way to feed your taste buds than to do so while travelling! After all, you travel to experience the destination. And, the best way to do so is by visiting local joints and experimenting exotic local foods. Here is a list of some exotic foods to try that must be on the list of every globetrotter!

1. Moules Frites – Belgium

Moules Frites – Belgium

A popular Belgian dish, Moules Fries or Mosslen Friet is made of a combination of mussels and fries. Originating in Belgium, the dish was discovered in an era when mussels were a staple food and fries were commonly eaten during winters when no fish and other food were available. Over the years, the dish has gone far from being a comfort food. Cooked with some spices and veggies, the mussels combined with fries are a must try when in Belgium. Try it plain or with added flavours and sauces.

2. Poutine – Canada

Poutine – Canada

Popular across Canada, you can find food revelers digging in a hot bowl of this Quebecois dish, day or night. A combination of French fries, brown gravy, and cheese curds, there is nothing you cannot love about Poutine. While legend says it originated in the 1950s, today one can find 100 variations of the dish. With something for every taste bud, this dish is a must try when in Canada. This delectable savory will want you asking for more and more!

3. Squeaky Cheese – Finland

Squeaky Cheese – Finland

Some cheese with coffee anyone? Traditionally called Leipajuusto, squeaky cheese has its roots in Finland. Usually made of rich milk of cows that have recently calved, its variations also have reindeers or goat’s milk as a base for preparation. Commonly pan-fried, the cheese is eaten as a side dish or as a dessert. Try it the traditional way with a hot cup of coffee for an enriching, local experience.

4. Pho – Vietnam

Pho – Vietnam

Is Vietnam next on your bucket list? If, so then trying Pho is a must on your to do list in Vietnam. Markets and restaurants in every nook and corner of the place can be found serving some delectable homemade fares including Pho. An inexpensively delicious dish, Pho is a broth based soup filled with meat and noodles. You can get this filling dish anytime of the day, even for breakfast.

5. Spanakopita – Greece

Spanakopita – Greece

A Greek savory, Spanakopita is a pie comprising of spinach, feta, onions or scallions, and eggs filled in layers of phyllo. Originating almost 400 years ago, you can find freshly made Spanakopita in nearly every bakery in the country. While the traditional version is the filo-dough recipe, it variants call for a crust made of flour and water. A yummy delicacy, Spanakopita is a must when in Greece!

6. Goulash – Hungary

Goulash – Hungary

Made during cattle drives in harsh conditions, Goulash can be literally translated to ‘Herdsman’ in Hungarian. A Hungarian dish, Goulash is essentially a stew made of meat and vegetables and seasoned with spices. While the meaty stew didn’t get its red color until the Turks introduced paprika to the country, today it is the national dish of the country. If you are lucky enough to visit in September, you can even be a part of the annual Goulash festival.
As it is rightly said, you have to taste the culture to understand it. So, if you are a foodie who just lives to eat, add these exotic foods to try on your travel bucket list for a soul-satisfying experience.

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