10 incredible places that you must visit in France


  1. Nice

Once upon a time, the British aristocracy came to this town on the Cote d’Azur and turned it into a place for the rich and famous. But today, Nice for each passenger has something to offer. Because of its location has an excellent climate all year round, but the access to delicious seafood delicacies. Gastronomy, nightlife, charming old town and the beach will make sure that we at Nice will not be bored.

  1. Lyon

Now, the city for gourmets of this world. In fact, Lyon is eventually turned into the gastronomic capital of the world, therefore, feel free to come hungry. In addition to food, Lyon offers museums, festivals, churches, Roman ruins and great shopping. After all, the one we are already devoted more space, so feel free to remember.

  1. Cannes

For Cannes’ve probably already heard many times thanks to the prestigious film festival which annually hosts, but what else do you know about the city? Although the Cannes destination known for luxury and glamor, you can enjoy if you are not a rich man. In fact, make a walk and admire the marina for yachts, or sunbathe on the beach to a celebrity.

  1. Marseille

Another city on the sea, Marseille is rich in culture and history, and you’ll be shocked when you realize that you have never planned to visit him. The city is a true “melting pot” and exudes multiculturalism, and the fact that the 2013 was the European Capital of Culture. Visit museums, architecture, the streets of the old town, as well as gastronomic diversity will satisfy even the most complicated.

  1. Champagne

Ah, the province that is home to champagne. Champagne is a French region best known for its production of … champagne. The facts, looking under French law, only the wines produced in this region can boast the title of champagne, while the rest of sparkling wines. Here are also many picturesque towns worth visiting, such as Epernay, Reims and Troyes.

  1. Chamonix (Mont – Blanc)

Chamonix hosted the first Winter Olympia Games in history, in 1924. Since then, it has remained famous and well known for its ski resorts and winter activities. This city is known as the center of European winter sports, thanks to the numerous mountains suitable for climbing. So, whether you are a skier or mountain climber, or you just want to admire the mountainous expanses, Chamonix is perfect for you.

  1. Normandy

On the northern coast of France, Normandy look like a place where the two worlds merged into one. Have dominion over the green, grassy landscapes, which then encountered water English Channel. Normandy offers a lot to explore and taste, it is worthwhile to visit the Mont Saint Michel and the beaches where the Allied landings took place. As for the taste, here are produced excellent Camembert and Neufchatel, so that the cheese lovers come into their own.

  1. Avignon

The medieval city surrounded by 800 years old walls, is located on the Rhone and just waiting for you to explore it. Be sure to visit the papal palace, because the Pope once dwelt here, but it is and the biggest Gothic palace in Europe. During the summer, the Festival d’Avignon and where their skills are presented artists from around the world.


  1. Valley of the river Loire

Vineyards, orchards, historic towns and pleasing architecture are the main features of the Loire valley. Take a wine tour or rent a bicycle and explore the valley. Relaxing trip through the village takes you to some of the most beautiful castles in Europe, such as for example Chambord.

  1. Dijon

Many famous for spicy mustard, Dijon is a great place to escape from everyday life. The city is somewhat unusual, full of medieval and Renaissance architecture which you can admire. Dijon offers a multitude of cultures, such as old churches and art museums, good food, but also the possibility of buying excellent wines at reasonable prices. One reason for this is the location in Burgundy, home to some of the best wineries in the world.

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