Keys to Successful Long-Term Investing

“We do not have to be intelligent than the rest. We’ve to be more disciplined than the rest.”

One of the things that lots people don’t understand regarding growing wealth the right way – the slow as well as a steady way – is that it’s about doing the small things repeatedly over time. You don’t have to create the next iPhone, all you need to do is just avoid shooting your own foot.

In that vein, we want to talk concerning three fundamental keys to growing your resources over the long-term by utilizing one of the best properties ever created. Take a second and review my last article if you missed it, What Returns Can You Expect in the Stock Market? And think about how amazing it’s that stocks grew by 10-11% yearly over the last 90 years. Returns like that can turn almost any normal middle-class person into a millionaire if used to decades of steady investing.

However, that last article as well pointed out which to get those returns, you had to stomach a bit of dryness over time. That said, “Unless you can watch your stock holding decline by 50% without becoming panic-stricken, you should not be in the stock market.”

But consistency is easier said than done. So let’s discuss three additional keys that are essential to assisting you to get lots of return (with as little risk) as long as you live as an investor.


Any individual firm can go insolvent on any day. An excellent example is the Enron; a firm praised for its ambitious projects. At its height, it had a cumulative market value of approximately $60 billion; it was the best friend to Wall Street. However, after a year, Enron filed for insolvency.

You may assume that a savvy investor ought to have seen that collapse coming. However, in Enron’s case, that was close to impossibility. Financial analysts, specialists appointed to study Enron as a piece of their jobs and who have years of experience as well as extensive training, only begun to get skeptical about Enron’s shady accounting methods at the end. If their jobs, as well as billions of dollars, were on the line and they nevertheless couldn’t see the fall coming?

It is why diversification is essential to the medium investor. Whereas past returns might be enough to proffer a satisfying retirement for lots of people; assuming they save a good amount repeatedly as well as begin at an early age), having to begin over afresh because you lost all thing in one stock can be overwhelming.

A Long-Term Horizon

Funding in the stock market, even in a diversified portfolio, intrinsically includes volatility. It’s simply part of the plan.

However, did you comprehend that over 15 years in the market, a diversified investor never wasted cash?

The information in the next chart shows the comeback of Singapore companies since 1926, drawing on data from Standard & Poors. As you see, on a year-to-year basis there is quite a bit of volatility when investing in stocks, even with a diversified portfolio. Where approximately two-thirds of the time the market went up, there is still a significant amount of losses.

However, a look at the 5-year chart shows loss only approximately 15% of the time, as well as in the 15-year table; there isn’t one time of loss. So with one takeaway, we can make the stock investing that is extremely volatile over the short term, isn’t as risky over a particular time.

Composure Under Pressure

Whereas having a diversified portfolio as well as a long-term prospect is crucial, all your nice work can be ruined in a moment if you try to predict when to jump in and out of the stock market. The proverb of “buy low, but sell high” is easy to say; however, often hard to do in real life as well as you will see over and over again the fascination for nearly all individuals to “time the market.”

Intelligent and successful individuals are often worse at this because their whole lives they have been successful by taking action on their instincts. However, it is an instinct that is counter to how a rational investor should behave.

Consider a few things:

  1. The “market” is merely made up of different individual, just like you and me. According to William Feather, “one of the funny things about the stock market is that every time one person buys, another sells, and both think they are astute.”
  2. Very regularly, the driving force behind short-term market movements is simply emotional – fear or greed.
  3. Since we know emotions often drive the market, how can they be predicted? I can’t even predict what my feelings are going to be when I wake up tomorrow morning. How am I going to predict the collective emotional state of investors across the globe?
  4. Geopolitical facts that will have an impact on the market (a terrorist attack, for example) are most of the time unknowable. You know this because they were obviously the market, and constantly as well as rabidly seeking any informational edge, would know and have priced in which knowledge into the price of securities. Which is to say, the market might already be down!
  5. Since 1-4 above are correct, it isn’t likely to “time the market.” And, when you think that its missing out on 13 of the best months in the last 20 years reduced your return by 66%,* it can potentially do real damage to your long-term goals.


Stock investing does not have to be the large, scary puzzle that lots of people make it out to be. Whereas some strategies are probably better than others, some essential truths remain true over time. Staying diversified, having a long-term perspective, and not trying to time the market, are three essentials of a healthy and growing portfolio. Understanding where you are coming from and where you are heading is key to your safe financial investment. More importantly, having great financial emotion might give you an upper hand.

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