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Bitcoin trading has opened a new world to business traders. If you trade on the stock market, or are thinking of trading, then bitcoin would be another market for you. To trade in the bitcoin market, you need to select a bitcoin client. There are more than a dozen bitcoin clients available and you can pick one based on which platform you use. These bitcoin clients not only allow you to trade bitcoins, but you can also store the online currency.

Here are 8 best bitcoin clients you can choose from.

1.  Electrum

If you prefer using the Mac OS, then you may prefer using Electrum. It’s one of the oldest bitcoin wallets and probably offers the most extensive range of features in comparison with other bitcoin clients. In fact, anyone can run an Electrum server and easily export their private keys to other bitcoin clients if required. No single entity controls the network.

It has the basic bitcoin client feature you can expect such as cold storage, multisig, and hardware wallet. Your transactions on the blockchain are verified. An efficient cold storage function allows you to use the client offline. Electrum provides a two-factor authentication system, ensuring that your products are safe.

2.  Exodus

The creators of Exodus has a simple goal – create a bitcoin client that works like magic. Most bitcoin clients have clunky interfaces, too many buttons, and overall, a high learning curve. The creators didn’t just want to make a more user-friendly bitcoin client, they wanted to make a beautiful one.

Additionally, Exodus offers robust features for you to conduct your bitcoin trading. It has a multi-asset wallet that has a ShapeShift built in. This allows the user to instantly exchange cryptocurrency in the smoothest process possible.

Another great part about Exodus is that it offers support for Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

3.  Armory

Armory prides itself in being one of the most secure bitcoin wallets. The bitcoin client uses a Glacier Protocol which is a step-by-step process of layered security to store your bitcoin securely. Moreover, users are allowing to generate and store their private keys.

Armory is an open source wallet and it’s quite popular among Window users. In fact, this bitcoin client is known for providing excellent support to help you use the service.

4.  Bitcoin Core

Bitcoin Core is probably the most advanced software available on this list. However, the application also requires large space for storage – as much as 65 GB, which will keep increasing as you conduct transactions. This is because the bitcoin client comes with data on every bitcoin transaction performed. The client also consumes a lot of internet bandwidth.

Bitcoin Core is not recommended to novices in bitcoin training. The learning curve is quite high. Support is present in the form of documentation and StackExchange forum, but even so, this application is clearly for the tech-savvy who know how bitcoin trading works.

On the other hand, if you are well-acquainted with bitcoin trading, then you will find that Bitcoin Core is a very powerful software. Bitcoin Core is available for all Windows, Mac and Linux OS’s.

5.  Jaxx

Jaxx is relatively user-friendly bitcoin client to use. The bitcoin client makes transactions easier because there is no requirement to submit your private information to send or receive Bitcoins. This way, the wallet does not need verification to work. Yet, you can verify the wallet through the source code which you can view on the official home page.

Jaxx is available on desktop devices for Windows and Linux systems and mobile devices of Android and iOS. It offers a multi-chain cryptocurrency which interacts with other bitcoin clients.

6.  BitGo

BitGo gives users near-instant transactions. Its multi-chain feature integrates works with other bitcoin clients. You can securely store your bitcoins on the BitGo Web Wallet. You can also create your own private blockchain.

While BitGo can be used by individuals, the platform mainly caters to the needs of businesses.

7.  Coinbase

Coinbase is one of the simplest bitcoin clients you can use. It’s a web-based bitcoin client; you don’t have to download any software to use it. It can be accessing through a web browser. Selling, trading, buying and storing bitcoins is quite easy.

Security of your transactions does not lay with Coinbase, instead the responsibility lies with the digital exchange. Additionally, the bitcoin client offers insurance protection to its users.

Coinbase does have an app for Android and iPhone systems.

Their objective is to create an open financial system and they hope to do that with Coinbase.

8.  Mycelium

Mycelium is especially recommended if you want to conduct bitcoin trading on your mobile. The bitcoin client is known for providing users bank grade security. It does this by utilising private key deletion, watch only accounts, hierarchical deterministic wallets, and BIT ID,

Due to its complete integration of blockchain Mycelium won the “Best Mobile App” award given by in 2014.

So, which is the best bitcoin client for you? The best decision is to pick a bitcoin client and give it a try. Each one comes with advantages and disadvantages. You must assess your requirements, check the system requirements of the bitcoin client and choose the most appropriate bitcoin client.


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