The Basics And Types Of Unsecured Loans

Unsecured loans are common to many people. The beauty of unsecured loans is that there is no limit against which you can borrow money for. Whatever purposes you wish to put the money into unsecured loans have no limits. Like any other loan, it’s always good to understand how these loans work as well as the possible alternatives.

Know these basics before you apply for unsecured loan

As the name suggests unsecured loan have no collateral to guarantee repayment. Since nothing specific has been pledged as the security of the loan, they are less risky for the borrower. In case of default, the consequences are not as immediate as with secured loans.

Lenders assume higher risk with these types of loans because they have nothing to sell if things go wrong. However, they can use other ways like suing you or seeking permission to garnish your wages.

As a result of the high risks they put themselves in with unsecured loans, interest rates attached to these loans are slightly higher than those charged on secured loans. Also, credit score plays a role in determining whether you’ll qualify for an unsecured loan or not. If you have a perfect credit score, you can be choosy since more options are available for you. On top of this, you can get lower interest rates.

If you have bad credit, then you can’t be that choosy, and you may even need a cosigner for approval.

Types of Unsecured Loans available for you

While there are several types of unsecured loans available for you, each of them comes with tradeoffs. Make sure you chose the most affordable option.

Signature loans:
they are personal loans secured by your signature. These loans can be used for any purpose. They are typically installment loans as they amortize over time. Interest rates are relatively low.
Credit cards:
they are common with many people. Signature loans are different where you get a lump sum at the beginning.  You only borrow the amount you need when you need it. A credit card can easily get you into troubles if you’re not keen. Interest rates are slightly higher, and the teaser rates last for a short period.

Student loans:
these are specifically designed to fund education. They are the best for students. They come with great benefits (not available on others) including; grace periods, interest subsidies among others. A credit score is not a consideration in some.

Peer to peer loans:
these loans allow you to borrow from friends and family members instead of borrowing from a professional lender. A credit score is a consideration in these loans. Interest rates are competitive, but you can borrow a big chunk.

If your credit score is bad, getting approved can be difficult for you. Besides the options available for you is less. So if you have bad credit work to improve it by repaying loans. You can also avoid unnecessary borrowing until you re-build your credit.

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