9 Places that your bucket list cannot NOT have


The urge to see, feel and explore each and every corner of the world is a feeling every travelbug is familiar with. Ergo: the long and forever growing bucket lists. Your bucket list of must-visit destinations is a reflection of your inner travel nerd and hence, needs to be as grand as your spirit of wanderlust.

So, here are our top suggestions of places without which your bucket list couldn’t possibly be complete:

1.    Sea of Stars, Maldives

Touching the still waters of this sea is the closest you’ll ever coming to dancing with the stars. Located in God’s own islands, Sea of Stars’ stunning beauty is enough to bring tears to a traveler’s eyes. This magical sight is created by the bioluminescence of a phytoplankton known as dinoflagellates that resides in its crystalline waters. Hundreds of these tiny creatures illuminate the waters of Maldives creating a soulful, starry blanket like none other in the world.

2.    Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia

How does drinking in the sights of a hot and scorching salt flat by the day and floating on a cold and crystalline ice river by the night sound? Straight out of a fairytale, right? Salar De Uyuni is another one of nature’s miracles that baffles the mind and surprises the eyes. But, walking on its mirror-eques surface looking at the white, airy skies, you will probably not think about this.

3.    Pamukkale, Turkey

Although Turkey’s capital city finds a place in travelling bucket lists, Pamukkale is a spot that simply begs an entry. As the hot, calcium-rich water makes it way down the white-washed terraces, a splash in its crystalline pools will detox your mind and soul, forever. Well, it worked for the Romans, at least.

4.    Trolltunga, Norway

Nature’s very own tease, Trolltunga or Troll’s tongue is a rock formation at a height of 1,100 metres above sea level with a view which is secluded as well as awe-inspiring. Located on the northern side of Lake Ringedalsvatnet, Trolltunga forms one hell of a climb. But the view is well worth it.

5.    Rice Field Terrace, China

It is hard to believe that these magnificent sights are formed by simple, humble paddy fields but it’s actually true. Removed from the hustle bustle of the city, Rice Field Terraces of Yunnan are nothing short of a man-made architectural wonder.

6.    Tassili n’Ajjer National Park, Algeria

If clear, dessert moons and rocky sand dunes aren’t enough to have you scribbling this National Park’s name in your travel bucket List, then the gorgeous rock formations definitely will. Quiet and austere, Tassili n’Ajjer is an island of gorgeous Neolithic structures in the midst of the vast Sahara desert.

7.    Ashikaga Flower Park, Japan

Provence of the modern world, Ashikaga Flower Park of Japan has everything to make a traveler’s heart stutter. With its breathtaking Wisteria plantations, this park is divided into 8 floral chapters each with a sort of quiet, lyrical beauty that inspires poetry.

8.    Marble Caves, Chile

Straight out of a thrilling, psychedelic dream, Marble Caves of Chile are a sight that you simply can’t miss. Located on the border of Chile and Argentina, these icy rock formations are accessible only by boat. But, looking at these swirling, calcium carbonate structures would definitely make the ride worth it.

9.    The Wave, Southern Utah

These twirling, sandy reefs almost feel like a cinematic enigma but are very real and very exciting to explore. Located on the slopes of Coyote Buttes, The Wave is a sandstone rock formation on the southern border of Utah. A bit of a treacherous climb, its whirling, slide like structure however makes the trek super fun.

The list of nature’s mind boggling sites is too long to be compiled in one single bucket list. Hope our top picks make the world exploration a little more thrilling for the traveler in you.

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